Company History

In the Beginning...

In 1926, lifetime Bayonne Resident Harry Alberts looked at the burgeoning town of Bayonne and saw its future. He saw the small suburb of a growing Manhattan and its future as an urban center. The struggling immigrant community of this small town would need insect control, its citizens needed relief from the pests associated with industrialization. Harry decided to do one thing and to do it well. Soon his company began to grow.

In short order, Harry enlisted the help of Al Citarella, a young family man, freshly arrived from New York's fish markets and shipyards. Al saw the potential in the company and Harry saw the potential in Al, quickly the company flourished under the two. After years of Pest Control in Bergen Point the draft came and Al landed in the South Pacific, putting his plans of prosperity and self-employment on hiatus.

After Al returned from the war, Harry saw his opportunity for a gentle retirement to Florida. Harry s old his remaining interest in Bayonne Exterminating to his former apprentice: Al was still hungry for the opportunity. Using Harry's training, along with his own experience and gumption, Al began the long road of expansion throughout Hudson County and broadened his scope to control all types of nuisance pests, insects and rodents alike.

As Al's new company grew under his guidance, so did his family. Soon most of Al's sons were at least part time employees of Bayonne Exterminating Company. As the company flourished, an office manager needed to coordinate the work and Al's wife, Dorothy, commanded the position, becoming one of the first women in Pest Control in New Jersey. Through the family's dedication to quality and their customers, Bayonne Exterminating became the company in Hudson County.

In 1976, Bayonne Exterminating's long-time termite technichian and jackhammer operator, Ralph Citarella, embarked upon a partnership with his dear old Dad. Al's third son held fast to Al's ideas of quality and service, and with his father's continued guidance the company continued to expand and excell. After all, Ralph had a wife to care for and was about to become Ralph Sr.

Ten years later, the father-son partnership was dissolved when Al retired with over 40 years in the Industry. Bayonne Exterminating Company had, by that time, swelled to almost a half-dozen employees and was still on the rise. Ralph soon brought his wife, Peggy, into the office and the company moved toward customer care and service, keeping a family-touch in a growing corporate environment. Quality pest control, affordablity and customer care became the cornerstones of the company.

In the Summer of 2004 change once again visited Bayonne Exterminating Company. The third generation of Citarellas entered the game. After years of part-time and seasonal work for the company, Ralph's only son, Ralph Jr, entered the family business.

The current partnership has over 55 years of combined experience and holds fast to Al's original ideas of quality, exemplary work and dedication. By embracing 21st century technology, the new father and son team plan to move onward and upward. Zero Tolerance pest control and 100% customer satisfaction are the fundamental goals for future growth. Adaptability, accesability and safety are the keys to growth and expansion in the coming years.