Misc. Products and Equipment in Bayonne, NJ

Misc. Products and Equipment

Termite Test Stakes
Termite Test Stakes:
These test stakes are designed to be placed around the outside of your home to determine if there is any termite activity adjacent to your structure. Sold six (6) to a pack, these stakes are highly attractive to termite foragers and will give you early warning before termites attack your home.

Price: $19.99 for 6


Sterifab Spray
Sterifab Spray:
16oz spray bottle of Sterifab disinfectant. Also kills bedbugs, dustmites and germs on contact. Also works well as a cleaning solution or to neutralize bird droppings.

Active Ingredient:

Price: $11.69 ea.


Bellows Duster
Bellows Duster:
Professional grade hand duster for applying dust correctly and safely. Simple, durable and tough.

This is a professional grade product used by our technicians in the field every day



Insect Monitors & Traps
Insect Monitors & Traps:
Sold three on a card, food-based attractant glueboards. Catches all insects that come in contact. This product is made by Catchmaster Inc. and is one of the premiere insect monitors on the market. This is a professional grade product used by our technichians in the field every day

Special Note: This is a non-toxic pest control product

Price: $0.79


Flygel Drain Treatment
Flygel Drain Treatment:
One quart container. Pour FlyGel directly into a drain to stop fruit fly and drain fly larve from hatching and becoming a nuisance.

Price: $10.65


Repel 100 Insect Repellent
Repel 100 Insect Repellent:
10z pump spray bottle of 100% Deet insect repllent. Good for mosquitoes and ticks.

Active Ingredient:

Price: $4.99


Nil Odor Deodorizer
Nil Odor Deodorizer:
Highly concentrated deodorizer sold in 1oz bottles. One drop deodorizes the average room. Highly Potent!

Price: $4.49


Ropel Animal Repellent Spray, 1 Quart
Ropel Animal Repellent Spray, 1 Quart:
Liquid repellent spray for small mammals and birds. Effective use depends on the application. Read product label for a more detailed description.

Price: $16.99 ea.