Bed Bug Dog Detection in Bayonne, NJ

Introducing our K9 Verification Service withPlan B Canine

When you need to know if you have bed bugs, there's only one option for immediate results: Canine Inspection.

Studies have shown that Canine Inspection teams for Bed Bugs have been over 95% accurate in diagnosing and pinpointing bed bug activity, versus the 30%-50% accuracy inherent in human inspections or traps.

Bayonne Exterminating has partnered with Plan B Canine LLC. to offer our customers these services from an independent company. By using a separate company for canine inspections, we can be sure of an honest report of findings without the bias that an "in-house" canine inspection team might have. Another benefit is Plan B Canine's specialization in scent detecting canines. Bed Bug dogs are true working dogs and must be re-trained or worked at least twice a day to keep them at peak performance.

At Bayonne Exterminating, we realize that Bed Bugs are a special problem and as such, need special attention. By utilizing an independent company who specializes in canine detection, we can give you the accurate, un-biased results you need.

We'll make all the arrangements to get the dogs on-site and provide you with a copy of Plan B Canine's finding, with no hassles or extra phone calls to make. After all, you've got enough on your plate and we're here to help!