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Do you have Bed Bugs? Are you sure?

Bed Bug treatments are costly and time consuming, its best to make sure what you're experiencing is actually a bed bug infestation and not something else...

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More about Bed Bugs...

Bites: Simply having bug bites is not an indication of bed bugs in your home. Mosquitoes and fleas are biting pests whose victims are usually unaware of the bite while it's happening.

Mosquito bites tend to be irregular shaped and are usually inflamed.
Example of Mosquito Bites
Flea bites tend to be smaller and are not always inflamed, they also may occur in groups similar to bed bug bites.
Example of Flea Bites
One key to identification of bites is location: Flea and Mosquito bites tend to occur on areas of the body that are not covered by normal clothing, bed bug bites can occur anywhere on the body.

Insects: there are several types of insects that look like bed bugs. Ticks and several different species of beetles have a similar body structure and coloration. Knowing the difference is important, click here for a quality image of an actual bed bug.
Signs: Bed bugs tend to leave trace evidence of their presence. Bed bug feces is dark red to black and is deposited in round spots approximately 1/2mm-1mm. Since bed bugs tend to congregate these spots can be found in groups around mattress piping, joints in bedroom furniture or sometimes right on the sheets. These spots do stain but when soaked with water the color will run or blurr.
Once you're sure you have bed bugs there are a few steps to follow to limit their spread and help us in getting rid of the problem:

DON'T start sleeping in a different room or on the couch. Bed bugs will travel up to 100 feet in search of a host, sleeping in a different room will only cause the bed bugs to follow you and infest that room as well.

DON'T throw out your mattress, box spring or any other furniture (like a couch). There are few situations that require discarding items.

DON'T try to handle the problem yourself. Do-it-yourself fixes can be ineffective or even make the problem worse.

DON'T WAIT!! Bed bugs reproduce very rapidly, each female lays 3-5 eggs a day. If you put off treatment for a month or two you'll have several hundred more insects to deal with.

Bed bugs tend to live as close to their food source as possible, making the mattress, box spring and bed frame the most heavily infested areas. Although they will travel up to 100 feet in search of a new host, once one is located the insects will try and stay as close as possible, usually about 3 feet. Storage areas, garages, attics or basements generally do not need treatment. Our standard procedure is to treat all of the rooms and the common areas in the affected area to ensure we aren't missing anything.

Why Bayonne Exterminating Company?

If Bed Bugs come back - we come back FREE of charge until the problem is solved within the warranty period

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Experience Counts: Founded in 1926, we have over 90 years of eliminating pests under our belt. We also have been on the forefront of the battle against bed bugs since 2002. Everyone knows there has been a bed bug epidemic for the last few years, we started noticing the trend and fighting the spread almost fifteen years ago. Bayonne Exterminating is one of the companies that helped identify the epidemic, we are not simply reacting to it.

Dedication Counts:
We at Bayonne Exterminating are determined to eliminate your insect problem as quickly as possible. Each Bed Bug Control Service comes standard with a three month warranty. As long as there are bed bugs in your home we will keep coming back at no additional charge. Each control service has upfront pricing with no surprises or additional expenses. One Price, One Payment, One Happy Customer.

Education Counts:
Our treatment method has evolved over the years as new technology and research becomes available to us. The products and methodology of treatment have been evaluated and determined by a Board Certified Entomologist and the program is constantly monitored for ways to improve. Moreover, our treatment methods have been presented at National and Local Pest Management conferences as a "model treatment program" since 2006