Pest Control Products in Bayonne, NJ

We sell most of these items individually unless we are told otherwise. For delivery, please allow 3-10 days. Due to state legislation, not all products are available in every state. For any products that are returned, we charge a 15% restocking fee. Bayonne Exterminating is not responsible for any misuse of these products. For no extra charge, product labels are available for all pest products, so make sure to read the label before use!

Household Pest Products We Carry

Pt565 plus xlo:
20oz can of non-residual aerosol pesticide. Kills most insects on contact. Comes with straw applicator tip for crack and crevice use. Ideal for use as a flushing agent for inspection purposes. Non-residual action makes this product ideal for use in homes and kitchens.

Active ingredients:
Pyrethrum, D-transAllethrin

Cb-80 extra contact insectivide:
17oz can, non-residual insecticide, kills most insects on contact. labeled for broad spectrum use against many kinds of insects, CB-80 is the larget selling insecticide of its type on the market. Labeled for use in food areas as well as commercial and private applications, CB-80 offers fast knockdown with limited odor.

Active Ingredient:

Price: $22.99 ea.

BedLam Plus Aerosol Insecticide
17oz can, residual insecticide, kills Bed Bugs and eggs on contact, Each Can should treat a single Bedroom area once

Active Ingredient:
cyclopropanecarboxylate, N-Octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide

Price: $17.85 ea.

Intruder HPX Aerosol Insecticide
14oz can of residual, crack and crevice insecticide. Intruder offers quick knock down in conjunction with a 4 to 8 week residual action. This product also works well on resistant strains of insects, including cockroaches and bedbugs. Intruder provides immediate and long term results with less active ingredient in your home.

Active Ingredient:

Price: $11.99 ea.

PCO Fogger with residual
5oz can of residual insecticide, packaged as a total release fogger. Each can treats approximately 5,000 cubic feet. This fogger is best used for space treatments for flies and stored product pests as well as structural pest control applications. Please be careful using this or any other fogging product, read all instructions very carefully.

Active Ingredients:
Pyrethrin, Dicarboximide

Price: $6.29 ea.

Gentrol Insect Growth Regulator Aerosol
16 oz aerosol can of Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), not an Insecticide. IGRs work by interrupting the reproductive and life cycles of target insects. Works very well in conjunction with regular insecticides. Gentrol is a key element for control of Bed Bugs and severe Cockroach infestations. Gentrol is used by our technichians (in different chemical formulations) daily. This is a professional grade product used by our technichians in the field every day

Active Ingredient:

Price: $13.99 ea.

Sterifab Spray, 1 pint
16oz spray bottle of Sterifab disinfectant. Also kills bedbugs, dust mites and germs on contact. Works well as a cleaning solution or to neutralize bird droppings.

Active Ingredient:

Price: $11.69 ea.

Super Permacide II Insecticide
One gallon of premixed (ready-to-use) liquid insecticide with attached sprayer handle (not shown). Super Permacide II is our biggest selling retail insecticide. It is premixed and easy to use and works quite well on its own or in conjunction with an IGR. This is a proven and economical first step in any indoor pest control program for the homeowner.

Active Ingredient:
Tetramethrin, permethrin
Price: $29.99
Special Shipping charges apply due to this product's weight/size

Conquer Insecticide Concentrate
One pint of residual insecticide concentrate. Makes up to 16 gallons of finished spray for indoor / outdoor use when dilluted properly. You will need a sprayer to mix and apply this product. Concentrate formulation is a space saver as well as a signifigant savings, gallon for gallon, with premixed pesticides.

Active Ingredient:

Price: $28.99 ea.

Avert Roach Bait Gel
120 gram pressurized can of roach bait in gel form. Avert's bait matrix is designed to be readily consumed by coackroaches and overcome any aversion to previous baiting attempts.

Active Ingredient:
Price: $21.99

Insect monitors and traps:
Sold three on a card, food-based attractant glueboards. Catches all insects that come in contact. This product is made by Catchmaster Inc. and is one of the premiere insect monitors on the market. This is a professional grade product used by our technichians in the field every day

Special Note: This is a non-toxic pest control product

Price: $0.99

Insect pheromone traps:
Insect glue trap that uses a sex-based attractant. Ideal for use in kitchens and other areas where food is plentiful. This product also works extremely well when used in conjunction with other pest control methods.Sold 2 to a box. This is a professional grade product used by our technichians in the field every day

Special Note: This is a non-toxic pest control product
Price: $1.79

Vector fruit fly traps:
Non-toxic trap for indoor control of fruit and drain flys. These traps are refillable and reusable and are part of Bayonne Exterminating's Fruit Fly Control Program. **Sold Idividually**

Special Note: This is a non-toxic pest control product

Price: $5.99

Insect guard flying pest strips
Hanging vapor strips provide knockdown of small flys and gnats. Each strip treats approx 1000 cubic feet for about 3 months. Small size and ease of placement makes each strip look like an air freshener. When used according to labeled instructions, this product works fantastically.

Active Ingredients:

Price: $9.99

Musca stick fly stick
Hanging fly trap. Designed with visual and scent attraction in mind. Highly effective in controlling larger flies. These sticks are some of the most effective fly control products on the market and they are a staple in our Fly Control Program.

Special Note: This is a non-toxic pest control product

Price: $5.99

Delta dust insecticide, 1LB
One pound of insecticide dust. Works well against almost all insects, indoors and out. A necessity for bedbug control as well as roaches and waterbugs in basements and crawlspaces. Works best in problem areas with high moisture. Dust formulation also has an extremely long product life.

Active Ingredients:
Price: $19.99