Bayonne Exterminating's History

In 1926, Bayonne resident-Harry Alberts saw the booming city of Bayonne and thought about its future. Witnessing the growing Manhattan suburbs and surrounding areas was when he realized the people there would need relief from the pests that come with industrialization. At this point, the company started and began to grow.

Harry soon recruited a young New York worker by the name of Al Citarella. The two saw the potential in the company and began to grow things until the draft hit, landing Al in the South Pacific. This put his plans of self-employment and success on hold.

Once Al returned, Harry was looking to retire in Florida, so he sold his remaining interest in the company to his apprentice. However, at this time Al still had desire to pursue the company. With a combination of Harry's training and his own experience, Al began to grow the company.

As the company grew through the years, many of Al's own sons worked for the company. As the company was booming, Al's wife was chosen as the office manager, making her one of the first women in the New Jersey pest control industry. Through the company's dedication to quality work (and to their customers), Bayonne Exterminating continued to grow.

In 1976, Al's son, Ralph Citarella, joined up with his father before he retired. Soon after, Ralph brought his wife, Peggy along to join the team. With the new family staff, the company moved further towards customer service. At this point, quality work, quality prices, and customer care became an even larger priority at the company.

In 2004, the third generation of Citarellas joined the company. After years of part-time or seasonal work, Ralph's son, Ralph Jr., joined Bayonne Exterminating.

This current partnership now has over 55 years of combined experience and still holds fast to the original ideas that Al used to build the company. With this new team, Bayonne embraces new technology to keep their reputation as one of the best in the industry.