Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Services in Bayonne, NJ

New Jersey Residential Pest Control

Bayonne Exterminating has many services to offer a residential setting. Whether you’re an owner, tenant or property manager we can help,

  1. Structural and Commensal Pest Control
  2. Termite Control Programs and Inspection services
  3. Service is available monthly, every other month or on an “as need” basis

Our programs can be customized to your needs.
Low Impact and Botanically Based products and services are available!

Our pest control programs are based around the tenets of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), the true science of pest control. IPM means using all of our resources to get you immediate and sustainable results. There are no "Magic Bullets" in Pest Control; Our products and techniques are chosen based on effectiveness and quality, not on trends, fads or “what’s on sale this week”.

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Addressing the root of the problem and preventing re-infestation is the goal. You’re not calling us for less insects, you want NO INSECTS! Enjoy coverage under our Zero-Tolerance service warranty with some of the longest warranty periods available in the industry.

Bayonne Exterminating has stood behind our work for over ninety years, and standing behind your work means putting your money where your mouth is. If you have a recurrence of pests within the warranty period, additional treatments are offered at no additional cost! Sometimes the first application simply isn’t enough; sometimes you need change your tactics midway through the control efforts. Whatever it takes, we keep coming back until the problem is solved!

Some pest problems can’t be immediately affected. We offer the warranties we do because we believe “in for a penny, in for a pound”. We’ll see you through your pest problems and bring you out clean on the other side. If you have a long term or recurring issue, we’ll be there year after year, offering the same great service we’ve given since day one.

New Jersey Commercial Pest Control

When you’re in business, you don’t need someone learning on the job. You don’t want someone who has the same approach whether you’re a pizzeria or a day care. You want your pest control services to be tailored to fit your business, your building, your employees and the unique pest pressures that you face.

There is no catch all technique for pest control. There is no “blanket approach” or “magic bullet”. Sometimes what worked at the last account is the last thing that will work here. You need a professional who dictates his response to your needs, tempered with experience and education. More importantly, you need someone who works with you, not just for you.

It is impossible to run a successful enterprise while shooing flies or chasing mice. Let us take care of the pests so you can focus on what you need to: Building your business, growing your clientele and finally enjoying the fruits of your labors.

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New Jersey Industrial Pest Control

Shipping, storing, manufacturing, processing. You are Industry, the backbone of a healthy economy. You are the Big Fish in this pond.

All the elements of your enterprise, from your customer service reps to the floor managers and shipping department right up to the Big Desk, it’s all right there under one roof.
Nothing hurts good business more than bad bug problems. From distractions in the office to health hazards in the lunchroom, you don’t need anything impinging on your production schedule, costing you profitability and affecting your bottom line.

Our customers range from the US Coast Guard and US Army Corps of Engineers to USDA, FDA and APHIS inspected production facilities to US Customs and Border Patrol shipping, holding and inspection warehouses and everything in between.

We walk the walk. Our biggest customers have their products on your desk, in your refrigerator and medicine cabinet, and maybe even the clothes on your back.

You should think about having Bayonne Exterminating in your facility.

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