Cigarette & Drugstore Beetle Identification & Prevention

Keeping Cigarette And Drugstore Beetles Out Of Your Jersey City Home

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Cigarette and drugstore beetles are some of the most annoying pests you may have never heard of. However, you will definitely learn what they are if they invade your Jersey City home. If you wind up with a cigarette or drugstore beetle infestation, these little bugs could eat their way through your whole pantry. They love to get into dried foods, and they contaminate everything they infest. To save your pantry, you have to take beetle control measures to keep these pesky pests out of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cigarette & Drugstore Beetles

What are cigarette and drugstore beetles?

Cigarette and drugstore beetles are among the most common types of beetles that infest stored products. They can't handle the cold, so they aren't just attracted to the foods in your pantry but also to the temperature control inside your home. This means they are highly motivated to get in not only because of food but also because of the temperate indoor climate of your house.

Are cigarette and drugstore beetles dangerous?

Cigarette drugstore beetles are not considered dangerous. They are a nuisance pest because they do not carry diseases like cockroaches do, and they cannot sting or bite. However, they can destroy the foods in your pantry, and they can contaminate both foodstuffs and surfaces with their droppings, exoskeletons, and other bodily excretions. So while you don't have to worry about getting a horrible disease from them or suffering thousands of dollars in damage, you will likely have to throw out a lot of the things in your pantry if you wind up with these beetles.

Why do I have a cigarette and drugstore beetle problem?

Cigarette and drugstore beetles are attracted to two main things in your home: its warmth and its pantry goodies. These beetles eat a wide variety of different pantry items, including:

  • Seeds 
  • Grains
  • Nuts 
  • Beans
  • Spices
  • Cornmeal 
  • Dried fruits and vegetables
  • Flour

This means there is a huge range of attractants that can draw in these beetles, and the most important thing you can do to keep them out of your home is to ensure they cannot access the things they eat, and that's part of what makes home pest control for these beetles so hard.

Where will I find cigarette and drugstore beetles?

Because of their diet, you are most likely to find cigarette and drug store beetles in your pantry. They may be hiding out in any one of the wide variety of foods they like to eat, and they may even spread from item to item. They are especially likely to be in foods that are not properly stored, such as food stored in paper bags or improperly sealed containers.

How do I get rid of cigarette and drugstore beetles?

Getting rid of these beetles can be a hassle. The problem is that even if you find and throw out foods that are infested with these pests, you can never be sure you got them all. That's what we're here for. At Bayonne Exterminating, our pantry pest experts know how to inspect your pantry and the other parts of your house to find every last individual and ensure that they do not keep coming back.

How can I prevent cigarette and drugstore beetles in the future?

Since cigarette and drugstore beetle pest control in Jersey City is typically not easy, the best thing you can do is prevent them. You can do this in a variety of ways, but the best way is to both physically block their entry from your home and make sure your pantry foods are inaccessible to them. Aside from storing all your pantry foods in hard plastic, airtight containers, you will also want to check pet foods for contamination frequently, as pet foods are a common source of cigarette and drugstore beetle infestations. 

Filling cracks and holes in your home's exterior and making sure your windows are properly screened can also help keep these annoying bugs from getting in. But if you wind up with an infestation despite your best efforts, don't forget the best local beetle control in town, Bayonne Exterminating, is just a click or call away.

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