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Rodent infestations don’t start with a bang. In fact, they rarely get observed at all. It's only after they’ve embedded themselves deep into your property that you notice strange signs and symptoms. You may notice a few nibbles on food packages and wall trim, or find mysterious droppings in corners of your home. As soon as you notice a rodent scurrying around the house, it’s already too late to prevent an infestation.

Bayonne Exterminating has remedied this scenario thousands of times over the past 100 years. With our cutting-edge products and highly trained technicians, we can remove rodent infestations of any size or scope. You don’t need to worry about ineffective DIY, and you don’t have to sweat the details yourself. Our team can manage the rodent control process entirely on your behalf.

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What To Expect From Our Rodent Control Process

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You can’t afford to let rats and mice bed down around your property. That’s why thousands of locals in Jersey City rely on Bayonne Exterminating to keep their properties safe.

We offer a simple three-step process for the protection of your home or business:

  1. Our inspection process checks for rodent activity and IDs the pests in question. We may look for access points inside and outside the building, as well as any food sources, nests, or hiding areas.

  2. We rely on bait, bait stations, and trapping services to remove rodents from your home. Since we use multiple types of baits from a variety of providers, we can ensure faster removal of the pests inside your walls.

  3. Once you allow these rodent applications to work over the course of two or three weeks, we can provide you with a rodent control warranty that spans a total of six months. Just call us if you have any sightings — we’ll come back to make things right.

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Our Rodent Control Process

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We check your entire home or business for the presence of rats and mice. Apart from hunting down food sources and scouting out nests, we rely on your observations to narrow down their active areas. Be sure to let us know if you have particular problem areas.

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Initial Treatment

We apply a range of treatment options to your Jersey City property. In addition to bait and bait stations, we also install rodent-specific traps to ensure the complete coverage of your property. We ask that you allow two to three weeks for our installed solutions to take effect.

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We offer six-month warranties on all our rat and mouse control services. In the unlikely event that these pests return, our team can come back to apply additional treatments. If you think or know rodents may be encroaching on your home, be sure to contact us immediately so we can remedy the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rodent Control

Yes. All rat and mouse removal services from Bayonne Exterminating come with a six-month warranty. You don’t need to be afraid of every bump in the night, or worry about ineffective services that may invite future pest activity. Instead, all our services come with a pest-free guarantee that ensures lasting protection for half a year. In the unlikely event that rodents return, our team will be there to make things right.

Rodent Control Without Cutting Corners

It takes more than a little trapping and baiting to get rid of rodents completely. And while some pest control companies might be content to stop at just the basics, Bayonne Exterminating isn't. We offer a full suite of services and multiple modalities to remove rats and mice fast. Even after a thorough inspection and an effective re-service, we offer six months of ongoing rodent protection for your peace of mind. We don’t have just another rodent control service; we offer everything you need all on one plan.

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