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Eight miles west of Manhattan, Newark is the largest city in New Jersey. In addition to shopping and dining options, it has the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, the Newark Museum, and the Prudential Center, which hosts college basketball, professional hockey, and numerous concerts. Newark is an exciting city in the New York metropolitan area.

While living in Newark provides plenty of activities, it also houses various pests. These animals require food, water, and shelter, especially when it gets cold. They invade buildings to find these necessities, causing damage and illnesses when they invade. Newark pest control professionals can remove these pests to protect your home or business.

Bayonne Exterminating provides Newark residents with the best pest solutions in Northern New Jersey. We train our team members to handle the common pests in the area so they’re prepared to help you.

Residential Pest Control In Newark

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Newark’s population of over 300,000 makes it the biggest city in New Jersey. Since residents deal with various urban concerns, pest threats might slip their minds. However, these creatures are among the most dangerous intruders in Newark homes.

At Bayonne Exterminating, we design our residential pest control services to protect you from local pests. Our team will inspect your home to find activity and entry points while determining what drew them to your house. We’ll spray your exterior and interior to eliminate infestations and place bait stations to trap rodents.

Our services include warranties ranging from three months to three years, depending on the pest. Call us to solve pest problems in your Newark home.

Commercial Pest Control In Newark

Pests are common concerns for Newark businesses. They can damage your facility, contaminate products, and spread illnesses to your staff. They can also cause customers to get sick and scare them away.

Commercial pest control services are essential for the success of your business. Our team members at Bayonne Exterminating use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to protect your facility while keeping those inside safe. We’ll inspect your building to find intruders, identify their entry points, and develop the best treatments to remove them.

Following our initial service, we recommend customized recurring services to protect you from additional pest issues. Contact us for more about our commercial pest solutions.

How Ants Find Their Way Into Newark Homes

You might think closing your doors and windows seals your home, but this usually isn’t the case. Most houses have openings for pipes and cracks or crevices in the exterior. Unfortunately, ants are small enough to fit through these spaces to gain entry into your home.

Ants invade homes for food, water, and shelter. Thousands live in a colony, and many invade homes simultaneously. So if you see one ant, more are likely in your house. It’s hard to find and eliminate all ants, so the best way to avoid problems is to take prevention steps, including:

  • Fix leaks and clean spills.
  • Close cracks or gaps.
  • Pick up crumbs.
  • Seal food and garbage containers with tight lids.
  • Move firewood away from your house.

When you call Bayonne Exterminating to get rid of ants, our team members will inspect your house to find signs and entry points. We’ll also check for conducive conditions and remove attractants to prevent future issues. During our initial service, we’ll spray the exterior and interior of your home to eliminate ants and create a protective barrier.

Our ant control services include a six-month warranty, so we’ll return for free if the ants remain or return. Give us a call if you need ants out of your Newark home.

Professional Rodent Control For Residents In Newark

Several types of rodents live in Newark, but mice and rats are the most concerning for residents. These pests can enter buildings through tiny holes and hide in hard-to-see spaces. If they invade your attic or walls, they can chew through your insulation and gnaw on wires, increasing your utility bills and possibly causing fires.

These pests usually remain out of sight when people are around and appear while you’re asleep. Rather than seeing them, you might hear scratching or footsteps behind walls, indicating their presence. Since they remain hidden and are hard to identify, the best way to protect your home is to keep them outside. Some prevention tips to keep mice and rats away include:

  • Remove garbage from your home.
  • Reduce the clutter in your house.
  • Close cracks in your exterior.
  • Keep food in rodent-proof containers.
  • Repair or replace damaged weatherstripping.

Bayonne Exterminating provides expert rodent control in Newark. Our team will inspect your house to find pests and identify their access points, nests, and attractants. We’ll use bait stations and traps to remove the rodents and can re-service your house if they remain.

Our rodent control services include a six-month warranty, ensuring these pests are gone for good. Let us know if you suspect rodents in your Newark home.

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