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Bed Bugs In Jersey City: A Useful Guide To Identification And Control


Jersey City sits along the banks of the Hudson River and has a history of welcoming people to its shores. It is often called an urban melting pot because of its unique and diverse people and cultures. Unfortunately, this part of the country also has frequent visits from other world travelers – bed bugs. Without pest control in Jersey City, their arrival can make those living inside your home uncomfortable and miserable.

How To Identify A Bed Bug

Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that have recently returned to American homes. Because of their size and stealthy manner, most people only realize they have a problem once bites start showing up on their bodies. Since bites can come from any number of household pests, it’s essential to know what bed bugs in Jersey City look like to verify a bed bug infestation.

The following characteristics can help identify bed bugs:

  • They have a reddish-brown (unfed) to mahogany (fed) coloration.

  • They resemble an apple seed, measuring around ¼ inch in length.

  • When unfed, their bodies stay flat, broad, and oval-shaped.

  • Their bodies will swell and lengthen as they feed.

  • They have six legs and antennae.

Discovering bed bugs inside your home is upsetting. To ensure your home gets restored to its pest-free condition, homeowners can enlist help from a pest professional like Bayonne Exterminating to eradicate bed bugs from homes.

A Bed Bug Infestation Only Gets Worse With Time

Putting off bed bug removal is never a good idea; the problem will only worsen over time. Bed bugs will steadily reproduce after a blood meal. After fertilization, they can lay up to five eggs per day. With babies reaching adulthood within 21 days, a new generation of adults is quickly ready to feed, mate, and continue the reproduction cycle. 

With such a steady reproduction rate, it’s no wonder bed bug populations rapidly get out of control. As populations increase and blood supplies run short, hungry bed bugs will branch out into all areas of your home. Bed bugs are a household pest that even professionals have a healthy respect for, so it’s important to enlist help from experts like Bayonne Exterminating. With 90 years of pest experience under our belts, homeowners can rest assured that our bed bug services will resolve your bed bug issues.

Why It Is So Hard To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs On Your Own

Bed bugs are one hardy pest, so homeowners must avoid trying to remove them independently. Bed bug pest control in Jersey City typically only works with help from an experienced professional. Bed bugs are survivalists; they can go months without a blood meal and survive extreme temperature changes. While bed bug populations tend to concentrate in bedrooms (where blood supplies are plentiful), they can also spread to other areas within homes.

Six places (besides beds) bed bugs like to hide include:

  1. Seams in couches and chairs

  2. In cracks and crevices of furniture and within curtain folds

  3. Behind loose wallpaper

  4. Under carpets

  5. Inside wall hangings

  6. Behind baseboards

A bed bug’s ability to hide, go long periods without a meal, quickly reproduce, and withstand extreme temperatures makes them challenging to eliminate on your own. Bayonne Exterminating offers cutting-edge local pest control for bed bugs that people can rely upon to keep their home bed-bug-free.

The Most Effective Bed Bug Control For Jersey City Homes

A homeowner's best chance at receiving effective bed bug control services is with a company like Bayonne Exterminating. Our family-owned and operated company, established in 1926, is dedicated to providing quality pest control services to its customers. Our team members receive regular training to ensure we provide the best pest control services in an ever-changing pest world. For quality bed bug control in Jersey City that you can depend upon, contact Bayonne Exterminating today for a free estimate; we’ll get right to work ensuring your home is bed bug-free.

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