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The Ultimate Mosquito Prevention Guide For Your Jersey City Yard


Jersey City sits across the Hudson River on the opposite side of Manhattan; some call Jersey City New York City's sixth borough. With the Statue of Liberty sitting within its borders, this famous lady has been a part of Jersey City's welcoming spirit for over 100 hundred years. The dreaded mosquito is one local pest that regularly visits the city and is rarely welcomed. As females start laying their eggs, populations around local properties can get out of control without pest control in Jersey City.

Mosquitoes: The Lifecycle Of The Little Fly

Mosquitoes are little flies that are some of the most hated insects on the planet. Many would be surprised to discover that this annoying pest that zips around the skies begins its life in water. Mosquitoes in New Jersey prefer stagnant or calm water sources to lay their eggs. Still, any receptacle with more than ½ inch of water can accommodate egg-laying mosquitoes.

Fertile females can lay dozens of eggs on the top side of the water at a time. Typically, after a few days, these eggs will turn almost entirely black and shift positions from the top of the water to underneath it (the larval stage). During the larval stage, baby mosquitoes resemble tiny worms ("wrigglers") and spend their days gathering and eating food. Wrigglers will also undergo a process of shedding their external coverings (exoskeletons) multiple times until they enter the pupal stage of their development. During the pupal stage, mosquitoes stop eating and focus on developing their legs and wings. At the end of the pupal stage, fully formed mosquitoes will emerge from the cases that protected them underwater and hang out on the water's surface until their wings dry.

Depending on the conditions, growing from an egg to an adult usually takes about two weeks; however, sometimes, it can happen in as few as four days or as long as a month. New little flies released into the air can spell trouble for the people they will soon feast on unless you get prepared for their onslaught with professional mosquito prevention services from Bayonne Exterminating.

How Mosquito Bites Spread Dangerous Diseases

People and animals have a protein in their blood that female mosquitoes need to have the energy to reproduce, so they are always on the hunt for blood. As females move from one blood donor to the next, they often become infected with diseases their hosts carry. When females land on your body and pierce your skin to siphon your blood, their saliva can transfer the disease they carry to you.

Five diseases you can get from mosquitoes in the United States include:

  1. Dengue fever

  2. Tularemia

  3. West Nile virus

  4. Eastern equine encephalitis

  5. Chikungunya

For most people, mosquito bites become irritating, with itchy welts; however, it just takes one infected mosquito bite to introduce pathogens into your body that could make you quite ill. With help from a pest professional like Bayonne Exterminating, property owners can take steps to set up a barrier around their property that can help reduce the risk of being exposed to dangerous diseases.

Natural And Effective Mosquito Prevention Tips

Rainy, warm weather conditions bring out mosquitoes in Jersey City in multitudes. Since property owners can't control the weather, it's vital to get proactive with what you can do to prevent mosquitoes. Some simple fixes around your property can go a long way toward natural and effective mosquito prevention.

Natural and practical tips to deter mosquitoes include:

  • Ensure gutters flow freely.

  • Regularly empty containers (buckets, kiddie pools, pet water dishes, wheelbarrows, flower pots, barrels, covers, and tarps).

  • Ensure water decorations stay agitated or get cleaned and emptied regularly.

  • Fix any low-lying areas in your landscape that can hold water.

  • Keep pools clean and chlorinated.

Placing natural and easy protections around your property is a great way to deter mosquitoes, but it only sometimes does the job. When and if mosquitoes start circumventing your well-placed protections, it's time to call in the home pest control professionals at Bayonne Exterminating; we've got solutions that will get rid of Jersey City mosquitoes.

Professional Mosquito Control Offers Top Quality Protection

If property owners are looking for top-quality protection against mosquitoes, it's always best to call in the experts at Bayonne Exterminating. While it's true that mosquitoes have been around for a long time, so have we! Our family-owned and operated company has been tackling mosquitoes since 1926. We use cutting-edge technologies to deliver quality pest control services to our Jersey City customers. Don't let mosquitoes take the fun out of outdoor living when you can get a free estimate for quality and dependable mosquito control solutions in Jersey City today.

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